Where to get Skill Capes OSRS?

Skill capes are highly coveted items in Old School RuneScape (OSRS), not only because they are a symbol of accomplishment and mastery but also because they provide useful stat bonuses. If you are looking to get your hands on a skill cape, there are several places you can go to obtain one. In this article, we will explore the various ways to obtain skill capes OSRS, including where to go and what you need to do to get them.

What are Skill Capes?

Skill capes are wearable items in OSRS that represent mastery of a specific skill. There are a total of 28 skill capes, one for each skill in the game. Skill capes come in two versions: regular and trimmed. The regular skill cape is obtained by reaching level 99 in a skill, while the trimmed skill cape is obtained by reaching level 99 in all skills (excluding Slayer and Elite Skills).

Where to Get Skill Capes

The most common way to obtain a skill cape in OSRS is by visiting the respective guild for that skill. Each guild has a master who will sell you the skill cape for 99,000 coins once you have reached level 99 in that skill. Here is a list of the guilds and their respective skill capes:

  • Cooking Guild: Cooking Cape
  • Crafting Guild: Crafting Cape
  • Mining Guild: Mining Cape
  • Fishing Guild: Fishing Cape
  • Ranging Guild: Ranging Cape
  • Thieving Guild: Thieving Cape
  • Woodcutting Guild: Woodcutting Cape
  • Magic Guild: Magic Cape
  • Fletching Guild: Fletching Cape
  • Runecrafting Guild: Runecrafting Cape
  • Agility Pyramid: Agility Cape
  • Heroes’ Guild: Strength Cape
  • Legends’ Guild: Defense Cape
  • Warriors’ Guild: Attack Cape
  • Champions’ Guild: Quest Cape

Mini Games

Some skill capes can only be obtained by playing specific mini-games. Here are the skill capes that can be obtained through mini-games:

  • Firemaking: Infernal Cape (obtained by completing the Inferno)
  • Slayer: Slayer Cape (obtained by completing the Slayer Skill Cape Quest)
  • Hunter: Hunter Cape (obtained by completing the Puro-Puro mini-game)

Other Methods

There are a few other ways to obtain skill caps in OSRS. These methods include:

  • Achievement Diary Cape: Obtained by completing all of the Achievement Diaries.
  • Music Cape: Obtained by unlocking all of the tracks in the game’s music player.
  • Max Cape: Obtained by reaching level 99 in all skills (excluding Slayer and Elite Skills) and purchasing it from the Max Guild for 2,277,000 coins.


Skill capes are a symbol of mastery in OSRS and provide useful stat bonuses. They can be obtained by reaching level 99 in skill and purchasing the cape from the respective guild master. Some skill capes can only be obtained through specific mini-games or by completing certain achievements. As you progress through the game and improve your skills, be sure to keep an eye out for the skill cape that represents your accomplishments.

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