Master the Art of Stealth: Thieving Training OSRS Guide

In the world of Old School RuneScape (OSRS), mastering the skill of thieving is essential for any adventurer. Whether you’re aiming to earn gold, complete quests, or simply enjoy the thrill of being a master thief, this guide will provide you with a detailed roadmap to becoming an expert in thieving. In this article, we will cover everything from the basics to advanced methods, ensuring you can level up your thieving skills efficiently.

The Basics of Thieving (Levels 1-5)

Before diving into the more advanced aspects of thieving, it’s crucial to understand the basics. At level 1, you can start by pickpocketing men and women in Lumbridge. This provides a small amount of experience and helps you get accustomed to the skill.

Leveling Up (Level 5-99)

Instructional Strategies for Lower Levels (5–38)

As you advance, take aim at the farmers in Draynor Village and finish quests such as “The Feud” to get rapid thieving in stealing. You’ll be more productive if you keep an eye out for helpful things like rubber blackjack.

Pyramid Plunder (38-91)

Pyramid Plunder becomes a great way to get experience as a thief at level 38. This minigame, which is located in Sophanem, gives substantial rewards for successful looting. Bring food and an anti-poison pill in case you need to survive the snakes and traps.

Blackjacking (55–91)

Another successful strategy in Pollnivneach is blackjacking bandits. Although it can require a lot of clicks, this strategy has excellent experience rates. It takes practice to get proficient at the blackjack, so have patience.

Master Farmers (91-99)

Once you reach level 91, focus on pickpocketing Master Farmers for valuable seeds and excellent thieving experience. This method is not only profitable but also helps you train farming simultaneously.

Advanced Techniques

Ardougne Knights (55-99)

Ardougne Knights provide an excellent way to level up thieving while also earning money. You can steal their loot, including valuable gems, and make a tidy profit.

Elves (91-99)

Elves in Prifddinas offer incredible experience rates at higher levels. You’ll need to complete the “Song of the Elves” quest to access this content, but the rewards are well worth the effort.


Becoming a master thief in OSRS takes time and dedication, but the rewards are substantial. From the early levels of pickpocketing to advanced techniques like blackjacking and plundering the Pyramid, there are plenty of options to suit your playstyle. Keep practicing, and soon you’ll be among the elite thieves of Gielinor.

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