The Path of Glouphrie OSRS

Old School RuneScape (OSRS) is celebrated for its rich array of quests, each offering a unique blend of engaging narratives, intricate puzzles, and coveted rewards. Among this treasure trove of quests, The Path of Glouphrie stands out as a thrilling adventure that plunges players deep into the heart of gnome folklore, where enigmas abound and wits are put to the test.

In this article, we will embark on an exploration of the intricacies of The Path of Glouphrie, providing a comprehensive guide to help you navigate the quest, unveil its hidden intricacies, and seize the coveted rewards.

Quest Prerequisites

Before you begin your quest on The Path of Glouphrie, it’s crucial to meet certain prerequisites. You must have successfully completed the following quests:

  • “The Eyes of Glouphrie”
  • “The Grand Tree”
  • “Waterfall Quest”
  • “Roving Elves”
  • “Regicide”
  • “Mourning’s End, Part I”

Additionally, it is advisable to have a combat level of 90 or higher to confront the challenges that lie ahead.

Initiating the Quest

Your journey on The Path of Glouphrie commences by seeking an audience with King Bolren at the Tree Gnome Stronghold. You can find King Bolren on the first floor of the tree, at the uppermost level of the stronghold. Engage in a conversation with him to express your willingness to assist the gnomes, thereby setting the quest in motion.

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Unraveling the Mirror Puzzle

At the core of this quest lies a perplexing mirror puzzle. Your mission is to decipher the patterns and solve the puzzle by adjusting the mirrors. Here is a step-by-step guide to assist you in cracking this enigma:

  • Venture into the dungeon located within the Tree Gnome Stronghold and locate the light well.
  • Investigate the mirror to the west and extract a sample of mirror symmetry from it.
  • Journey to the battlefield situated south of the Tree Gnome Stronghold and employ the sample on a blank scroll to create a magic scroll.
  • Return to the mirror and apply the magic scroll, revealing a concealed pattern.
  • The revealed pattern will dictate the placement of mirrors within the mirror chamber.

Crafting the Lens

With the mirror pattern deciphered, the next step is to craft the lens. Follow these instructions:

  • Visit the Tree Gnome Village and gather three separate components required for creating the lens: a. Clear Lens – Acquire by inspecting the machine near Bolrie. b. Red Lens – Pilfer from a guard stationed at the entrance gate. c. Green Lens – Obtain by pickpocketing another guard near Bolrie.
  • Merge these three lenses to assemble the Gnomish firelighter.

The Climactic Showdown

Armed with the Gnomish firelighter, return to King Bolren. Use the firelighter on the watchtower situated to the south. This action triggers a captivating cutscene, marking the culmination of the quest. As your reward, you will receive valuable treasures.

Quest Rewards

Concluding the The Path of Glouphrie quest in OSRS is accompanied by a range of notable rewards, including:

  • 20,000 Agility experience
  • 15,000 Runecrafting experience
  • 5,000 Magic experience
  • iencesbility to utilize the spirit tree in the Tree Gnome Stronghold
  • Access to the Spirit Tree Farming Patch


The Path of Glouphrie in OSRS is a journey that engages your intellect, immerses you in the mystical world of gnomes, and puts your puzzle-solving skills to the test. This guide serves as your compass, leading you through the quest and revealing the treasures that lie at the heart of gnome folklore in Old School RuneScape. With your quest completed, you will not only earn valuable experience but also gain access to the coveted Spirit Tree Farming Patch, leaving you with a profound sense of achievement as you navigate the riddles of the gnome universe in this classic game.

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