Exploring the Rune Pouch in Old School RuneScape (OSRS)

Are you an ardent player of Old School RuneScape (OSRS) and intrigued by the rune pouch? Or are you simply curious about what it is and why it’s so sought after? This article has got you covered! We’ll explore what a rune pouch is, why it’s essential, how to obtain and use one, and what happens if you lose it.

What is the Rune Pouch in OSRS?

The Rune Pouch is a valuable item in OSRS that allows players to save inventory space. It can hold up to three types of runes, with each slot capable of storing an unlimited number of the same kind of rune. This unique bag is particularly useful in scenarios that involve casting various spells, like Player vs. Player (PvP) combat or boss fights.

Why Use a Rune Pouch?

Space-Saving Benefit

The Rune Pouch’s primary function is to save inventory space, enabling players to carry more items during their adventures. It replaces three inventory slots with one, providing players with more room for food, potions, or other essential items.

Combat Efficiency

In combat scenarios, the Rune Pouch proves invaluable. Spells in RuneScape often require multiple types of runes. By storing these runes in the pouch, players can quickly cast spells without having to return to the bank frequently, improving combat efficiency.

How to Obtain a Rune Pouch

Bounty Hunter Store

Previously, the primary method to obtain a Rune Pouch was through the Bounty Hunter Store, using Bounty Hunter points. However, with the removal of the Bounty Hunter minigame in 2020, this method is no longer available.

Slayer Reward Points

As of now, the most common method to acquire a Rune Pouch is by spending Slayer reward points. It can be purchased from any Slayer Master for 1,200 Slayer reward points.

How to Use a Rune Pouch

Storing Runes

To store runes in the pouch, simply use the rune with the pouch. The pouch will hold up to three types of runes. If you wish to change the type of rune stored, you must first empty the pouch.

Withdrawing Runes

To withdraw runes, right-click on the pouch and select the “Empty” option. The runes will be transferred back into your inventory.

Loss of Rune Pouch on Death

In the unfortunate event of death, a player will lose the Rune Pouch unless it is one of the player’s protected items. However, any runes inside the pouch will be dropped, and the killer may pick them up.


The Rune Pouch in OSRS is a game-changer, providing players with inventory efficiency and improved combat prowess. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a new player, the Rune Pouch’s benefits are too good to ignore!

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