Rune Mysteries OSRS Quick Guide

In the enchanting universe of Old School RuneScape (OSRS), Runecrafting stands as a pivotal skill for adventurers seeking to harness the mystical power of runes. To embark on this mystical journey, one must first complete the “Rune Mysteries” quest. This quest not only introduces players to the essential concept of Runecrafting but also unlocks the door to the magical world of rune essence. In this article, we present an expedited and informative guide to the “Rune Mysteries” quest in OSRS, facilitating a swift entrance into the captivating universe of runecrafting.

The “Rune Mysteries” Quest

The “Rune Mysteries” quest is a novice-level quest designed to acquaint players with the core principles of Runecrafting. It is an ideal quest for newcomers, offering an initial taste of the Runecrafting skill and laying the foundation for future runecrafting endeavors.

  • Quest Requirements: None
  • Skill Requirements: None
  • Items Required: None
  • Starting Point: Lumbridge Castle; commence the quest by conversing with Duke Horacio.
  • Quest Points: 1 Quest Point

Reward: Successful completion of the quest grants access to the Runecrafting skill, a petite XP lamp worth 250 experience, and an air talisman.

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A Swift Guide to the “Rune Mysteries” Quest

  1. Embarking on the Journey:
    • Initiate your quest by seeking an audience with Duke Horacio, situated within Lumbridge Castle. The Duke typically resides in the room on the first floor, accessible via the grand staircase.
  2. The Task at Hand:
    • Duke Horacio will entrust you with an enigmatic talisman and implore your aid in uncovering its nature. Accept the quest and pledge your assistance.
  3. Aubury’s Expertise:
    • Your path leads to Varrock, a city to the northeast of Lumbridge. Navigate your way to Aubury’s Rune Shop, positioned near Varrock’s eastern entrance.
  4. A Chat with Aubury:
    • Engage in a conversation with Aubury and delve into the mysteries of the talisman. He will impart valuable insights and bestow upon you an air talisman.
  5. Returning to Duke Horacio:
    • Retrace your steps to Lumbridge Castle and report your findings to Duke Horacio, elucidating the knowledge you’ve acquired from Aubury.
  6. Reaping the Rewards:
    • Concluding this step will entitle you to the quest’s rewards, which encompass access to the Runecrafting skill, a modest XP lamp valued at 250 experience points, and an air talisman.
  7. Venturing into Runecrafting:
    • Having successfully accomplished the “Rune Mysteries” quest, you are now poised to explore the mystical realm of Runecrafting. You can begin mining rune essence and crafting runes at altars distributed throughout the OSRS world.


The “Rune Mysteries” quest in Old School RuneScape stands as the threshold to enter the captivating realm of Runecrafting. Following this expedited guide ensures that you complete the quest efficiently, granting access to the Runecrafting skill and unlocking the ability to mine rune essence and craft runes. Whether you are a neophyte explorer or a seasoned adventurer, the “Rune Mysteries” quest inaugurates your journey into the esoteric realm of rune essence, enabling you to harness the enchanting magic of runecrafting and augment your capabilities in the expansive universe of OSRS.

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