Ranging Guide OSRS

A Ranging Guide OSRS is a combat skill that allows players to attack enemies from a distance using bows, crossbows, and thrown weapons such as knives and javelins. Ranging is a popular choice for players who want to avoid taking damage while still dealing significant damage to their enemies.


  • To start ranging, players will need a ranged weapon and some ammunition.
  • Popular ranged weapons include the short bow, longbow, and crossbow.
  • Ammunition options include arrows for bows and bolts for crossbows.
  • Players can also use throwing weapons such as knives and darts.
  • Ranged armor, such as leather or dragonhide, will also help to protect players from ranged attacks.


  • Ranging experience can be gained by attacking enemies with a ranged weapon.
  • Players can also gain experience by completing ranged-based quests and minigames.
  • Some popular training methods include:
  • Ranging chickens at the Lumbridge chicken farm
  • Killing cows and alch-flipping cowhides at the Al-Kharid tannery
  • Killing rock crabs in Rellekka
  • Killing suqahs on Lunar Isle

Tips and tricks

  • Always use the best ranged weapon and ammunition that you can afford.
  • Use the right type of ammunition for the enemy you are attacking.
  • Take advantage of cover to avoid taking damage.
  • Use the special attack of your ranged weapon when it is fully charged.
  • Use the “Rapid” or “Rapid Fire” ability to increase your attack rate.
  • When using a bow, be aware of the arrow drop and adjust your aim accordingly.
  • Use the “Long Range” ability to increase your accuracy and maximum range when using a bow.


Ranging is a versatile and powerful combat skill that can be used to attack enemies from a distance. With the right equipment, training, and tactics, players can become skilled rangers and take on even the toughest of foes.

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