OSRS Rune Crossbow Guide: Dominating the Wilderness with Precision

The Rune Crossbow, a formidable weapon in Old School RuneScape (OSRS), is a mid-level ranged weapon that packs a punch. In this guide, we will delve into the details of the Rune Crossbow, how to obtain it, and its uses in the game.

Crafting a Rune Crossbow (u)

One way to obtain a Rune Crossbow is by crafting it yourself. This method requires a Fletching skill level of 69 and involves a few steps:

1. Yew Stock

  • Begin by acquiring a Yew Stock, which can be made from Yew logs. This step grants you 50 Fletching experience.

2. Adding Runite Limbs

  • You’ll need Runite Limbs, which can be created with a Smithing skill level of 91. Alternatively, you can obtain them as drops from creatures like Iron Dragons.
  • Combine the Yew Stock and Runite Limbs to create an unstrung Rune Crossbow, earning 100 Fletching experience.

3. Attaching a Crossbow String

  • To complete your Rune Crossbow, attach a Crossbow String, which also provides 50 Fletching experience.

Elite Ardougne Diary Requirement

Crafting a Rune Crossbow (u) in Witchaven and/or Yanille is required to fulfill one of the elite Ardougne Diary tasks. This diary offers various rewards, making it a worthwhile endeavor for dedicated adventurers.

Requirements Summary:

  • Fletching Skill Level: 69
  • Smithing Skill Level (for Runite Limbs): 91
  • Elite Ardougne Diary Requirement: Crafting a Rune Crossbow (u) in Witchaven and/or Yanille.

Characteristics of the Rune Crossbow

The Rune Crossbow possesses unique attributes that set it apart from other ranged weapons in the game:

  • Required Ranged Level: To wield the Rune Crossbow, you need a Ranged level of 61.
  • Ammunition: It can fire up to and including Runite Bolts, making it a versatile choice for battles.
  • One-Handed: The Rune Crossbow is a one-handed weapon, allowing you to equip a shield, such as an anti-dragon shield or a god book, alongside it.
  • Attack Range: It has an attack range of 7, which increases to 9 with the “Long range” attack style.

Uses and Applications

The Rune Crossbow finds widespread use among adventurers for several reasons:

  1. Ironman Accounts: Ironmen often obtain Rune Crossbows by defeating the Crazy Archaeologist. The versatility of the Rune Crossbow, combined with its ease of obtaining broad bolts, makes it a preferred choice for Slayer tasks.
  2. Slayer Tasks: For Slayer tasks, a magic short bow with Rune or Amethyst arrows can be a strong weapon. However, the Rune Crossbow remains a popular choice due to its ability to fire Ruby and Diamond bolts.
  3. Mid-Level Content: Rune Crossbows are ideal for mid-level content, including the Fight Caves and Slayer tasks.
  4. Shattered Relics Variety Ornament Kit: Players can use a Shattered Relics Variety Ornament Kit to change the appearance of their Rune Crossbow into that of a Rune Crossbow (or).
  5. God Wars Dungeon: There’s a third option to obtain the Rune Crossbow by defeating Kree’Arra in the God Wars Dungeon. However, this option is typically considered endgame content.

Obtaining a Rune Crossbow

There are two primary methods to obtain a Rune Crossbow:

Method 1: Skilling for Your Rune Crossbow

While not the most recommended method due to its high skill requirements, some players choose to craft their Rune Crossbows from scratch. This method involves:

  • Smithing: Requiring level 91 Smithing to create Runite Limbs.
  • Fletching: Requiring level 69 Fletching to combine the limbs with a Yew Stock and Crossbow String.
  • This method is less efficient than the alternative.

Method 2: The Crazy Archaeologist

The most popular and efficient method to obtain a Rune Crossbow is by defeating the Crazy Archaeologist, a Wilderness demiboss with a combat level of 204. Here’s why this method stands out:

  • Drop Rate: The Crazy Archaeologist has a drop rate of 1/25 for Rune Crossbows, making it a relatively quick way to obtain one.
  • Additional Drops: You can also acquire other useful items, such as a red decide body, cannonballs, food, and dragon arrows.
  • Wilderness Challenge: Be prepared for the dangers of the Wilderness when farming the Crazy Archaeologist, as it can be a hotspot for player-killing.


The Rune Crossbow is a powerful ranged weapon in OSRS, valued for its versatility and effectiveness in various situations. Whether you choose to craft it or acquire it through defeating the Crazy Archaeologist, wielding a Rune Crossbow can significantly enhance your adventures in the world of Gielinor.

Please note that, like most Rune weapons, Rune Crossbows are not available to free-to-play players.

In your journey through OSRS, consider the methods mentioned here and choose the one that best suits your playstyle and preferences. May your bolts fly true, adventurer!

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