OSRS Thieving Guide: How to Master the Art of Thieving

OSRS Thieving Guide is a members-only skill in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) that allows players to steal from various NPCs and gain experience points. In this guide, we will go over the basics of the Thieving skill and provide tips on how to level up quickly and efficiently.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player looking to maximize your thieving skills, this guide will provide you with everything you need to know.

Thieving is a skill that can be both profitable and beneficial for players in many ways. From stealing valuable items and gold from unsuspecting NPCs to pickpocketing other players in PvP areas, thieving offers a unique gameplay experience for those who enjoy the challenge of earning wealth through cunning and stealth. With this guide, you’ll learn how to level up your thieving skills quickly, efficiently, and safely. Let’s get started!

Getting Started with Thieving

  • To start training Thieving, you will need to have level 1 in the skill and then speak to a Master Thief in any major city to start pickpocketing.
  • Once you have the required level and have spoken to the Master Thief, you will have access to different types of NPCs to pickpocket and steal from.

Leveling Up Thieving

  • Leveling up Thieving can be done by pickpocketing different types of NPCs and stealing from stalls and chests.
  • Each NPC and object has a different experience rate and a different set of requirements.
  • As you level up, you will have access to more advanced NPCs and objects to steal from.
  • To level up quickly, it is recommended to pickpocket men and women, as they have a high experience rate and low requirements.

Tips for Thieving Successfully

  • To successfully steal from NPCs, it’s important to pay attention to your success rate and your energy level.
  • As you level up, your success rate will increase and you’ll be able to steal from more advanced NPCs.
  • To increase your energy level, you can consume food or use stamina potions.
  • You can also use thieving gloves or the Ardy cloak to increase your success rate.
  • When pickpocketing, it’s best to do it in crowded areas, to blend in and avoid being caught by guards.

Advanced Thieving Techniques

  • As you gain more experience in Thieving, you can start experimenting with advanced techniques such as lockpicking to open chests and blackjacking to knock out NPCs.
  • There are also some minigames that can give a good amount of thieving experiences such as the Rogue’s Den minigame and the Pyramid Plunder minigame.


Thieving is a skill that requires patience, strategy, and quick reflexes. By following this guide and leveling up your Thieving skill, you will be able to master the art of thieving and stealing from NPCs and objects efficiently. Remember to pay attention to your success rate, energy level, and location when stealing, and use advanced techniques and minigames to level up even faster.

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