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Old School RuneScape (OSRS) continues to enthrall its dedicated player base with its vast virtual world, intricate lore, and an array of in-game activities. Among its many captivating features, the OSRS Star Tracker stands out as a unique celestial system, introducing an astronomical dimension to the game. In this article, we’ll venture into the depths of the OSRS Star Tracker, examining its mechanics, the allure of its rewards, and the cosmic adventures it brings to the forefront of the OSRS experience.

Unlocking the Wonders of the OSRS Star Tracker

The OSRS Star Tracker is an innovative in-game feature that made its debut with the introduction of the “Sins of the Father” quest, a pivotal part of the Myreque quest series. It resides within the Myreque hideout in Burgh de Rott, where it beckons players to engage in celestial navigation by observing constellations and stars.

Exploring the Mechanisms of the OSRS Star Tracker

  1. Locating the Celestial Device: Accessing the Star Tracker necessitates the completion of the “Sins of the Father” quest. Once this is accomplished, make your way to the Myreque hideout in Burgh de Rott, which serves as the central hub for the celestial system.
  2. Embarking on Celestial Navigation: Upon entering the Star Tracker room, players encounter a mysterious celestial device adorned with arcane symbols. Interact with this contraption to initiate your celestial voyage.
  3. Unveiling Constellations: The Star Tracker boasts a dynamic celestial system featuring a multitude of star clusters and constellations. Your primary objective is to identify and align these constellations by skillfully manipulating the star map.
  4. Tracking Progress: As you successfully match constellations, your accomplishments are meticulously recorded. You can monitor your celestial progress by perusing the pages of the “Celestial Almanac,” a valuable tome located within the Star Tracker room.

Bountiful Rewards Await Cosmic Voyagers

Participation in celestial navigation through the OSRS Star Tracker yields an assortment of rewards and benefits, ensuring that cosmic voyagers are handsomely compensated for their celestial efforts:

  1. Experience Points: Skillfully aligning constellations results in the acquisition of experience points, which can be attributed to Magic, Runecrafting, or Agility, allowing for efficient skill advancement.
  2. Celestial Ring: As you ascend the ranks of celestial navigation, the Celestial Ring becomes attainable. This unique ring bestows a coveted +1 Magic bonus and offers boundless teleportations to Burgh de Rott, rendering it an invaluable item for players.
  3. Crafting Cosmic Amulets: Mastery of celestial navigation culminates in the ability to craft Cosmic Amulets, mystical artifacts that facilitate teleportation to various celestial locations.
  4. Diary Achievement Rewards: The OSRS Star Tracker complements the Morytania Diary, affording players the opportunity to fulfill specific diary tasks related to celestial exploration, resulting in additional rewards and benefits.

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Guidelines for Successful Celestial Navigation

  1. Leverage the Celestial Almanac: The Celestial Almanac is an indispensable tool that not only tracks your celestial progress but also provides invaluable insights into the myriad constellations. Regularly consulting this resource will aid you in the identification and alignment of constellations.
  2. Exercise Patience and Tenacity: Celestial navigation can be an intricate pursuit, and errors are part of the learning process. Approach the celestial journey with resilience, knowing that improvement will come with experience.
  3. Strategic Reward Allocation: When reaping the rewards of celestial navigation, carefully consider which skill you wish to bolster. The experience points granted present an excellent opportunity to elevate your chosen skill efficiently.


The OSRS Star Tracker injects a captivating celestial facet into the game, permitting players to embark on a unique journey through the nighttime sky and reap well-deserved rewards along the way. Whether you are driven by the desire to enhance your skills, procure valuable artifacts such as the Celestial Ring, or immerse yourself in the celestial lore of RuneScape, the Star Tracker beckons as an enjoyable and rewarding endeavor. So, don your cosmic explorer’s mantle, make your way to Burgh de Rott, and commence a celestial odyssey within the realm of Old School RuneScape.

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