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In the vast world of Old School RuneScape (OSRS), the Slayer skill stands out as one of the most popular and rewarding activities. To excel in slaying fearsome monsters, players often rely on the OSRS Slayer Helm, a powerful piece of equipment specifically designed to enhance their effectiveness in combat. In this article, we will explore the various aspects of the Slayer Helmet and delve into its remarkable features, benefits, and how to obtain it.

The Slayer Helm: An Overview

The Slayer Helm is a unique headgear item in OSRS that offers numerous advantages to players engaged in Slayer tasks. It combines the properties of several other headgear items, making it a versatile and essential tool for every aspiring slayer. The Slayer Helm provides excellent combat bonuses and additional functionality tailored to slaying creatures throughout the game.

Benefits of the Slayer Helm

  1. Increased Accuracy and Damage: The Slayer Helm provides impressive combat bonuses, significantly enhancing a player’s accuracy and damage output when fighting creatures assigned as Slayer tasks. It grants a +16.67% boost to Ranged and Magic accuracy, and a +16.67% boost to Ranged and Magic damage when used against assigned Slayer creatures.
  2. Protection: The Slayer Helm offers excellent defense against Slayer monsters, reducing incoming damage by 15%. This protection applies to all combat styles and can be especially useful when facing challenging foes.
  3. Imbued Version: Upon completing the Nightmare Zone mini-game, players have the option to imbue their Slayer Helm. This process enhances its combat bonuses, granting an additional +15% boost to Ranged and Magic accuracy and damage against Slayer creatures. The imbued version also provides a +15% boost to Melee’s accuracy and damage against assigned tasks.
  4. Special Attacks: With the Slayer Helm equipped, players gain access to two unique special attacks. The first special attack, “Focus Sight,” increases Ranged accuracy and damage by 12.5% for a short duration. The second special attack, “Hexcrest,” increases Magic accuracy and damage by 12.5%. These special attacks can be invaluable when engaging in combat with Slayer creatures vulnerable to Ranged or Magic attacks.

Obtaining the Slayer Helm

  1. Black Mask: The foundation of the Slayer Helm is the Black Mask, which can be obtained as a drop from various Cave Horrors, Cave Crawlers, and other creatures in the Slayer Tower. To create the Slayer Helm, players must combine the Black Mask with specific items: a Facemask, Nosepeg, Earmuffs, or a Spiny Helmet. This combination creates an uncharged Slayer Helm, which can then be imbued.
  2. Imbuing the Slayer Helm: To imbue the Slayer Helm, players need to visit the Nightmare Zone and have a sufficient amount of Nightmare Zone reward points. By speaking to the reward chest, players can imbue the Slayer Helm for a cost of 1,250,000 reward points. Imbuing enhances its combat bonuses and unlocks the special attacks, making it even more effective for slaying tasks.

Alternative Versions of the Slayer Helm

  1. Slayer Helmet (i): In addition to the standard Slayer Helm, players have the option to create a Slayer Helmet (i) by combining a regular Slayer Helm with a Hydrascale, obtained as a drop from Alchemical Hydras. This version retains the same properties and benefits as the Slayer Helm but with a different appearance. The Slayer Helmet (i) is especially sought after for its unique design and can be a testament to a player’s dedication and accomplishments in slaying dangerous creatures.
  2. Twisted Slayer Helm: The Twisted Slayer Helm is a prestigious variant of the Slayer Helm obtained from the Chambers of Xeric, a high-level raid in OSRS. To create the Twisted Slayer Helm, players must obtain Hydra Leather as a rare drop from the Great Olm, the final boss of the Chambers of Xeric. Combining the Hydra Leather with a Slayer Helmet creates the Twisted Slayer Helm. This elite version provides the same combat bonuses and functionality as the standard Slayer Helm but with an even more impressive appearance. The Twisted Slayer Helm showcases a darker, more menacing design, making it a symbol of great skill and triumph in the challenging raids.
  3. Black Slayer Helmet: The Black Slayer Helmet is a unique reward from the Last Man Standing minigame. To obtain this variant, players must accumulate Last Man Standing points and trade them with the rewards trader. The Black Slayer Helmet retains the same combat benefits as the Slayer Helm but features a sleek black color scheme, setting it apart from the other versions. This alternative helm serves as a stylish choice for players looking to showcase their prowess in both Slayer activities and competitive player-versus-player combat.
  4. Green Slayer Helmet: The Green Slayer Helmet is an alternative version that can be obtained by using a Chisel on a Slayer Helmet. This process transforms the Slayer Helmet into a Green Slayer Helmet, which offers the same combat bonuses and functionality. The Green Slayer Helmet appeals to players who prefer a vibrant, nature-themed appearance for their gear. It can be an excellent choice for those who enjoy role-playing or desire a unique aesthetic while taking on Slayer tasks.
  5. Red Slayer Helmet: Similarly, the Red Slayer Helmet is created by using a Chisel on a Slayer Helmet, resulting in a visually striking Red Slayer Helmet. Just like its counterparts, the Red Slayer Helmet provides the same combat advantages and protection while offering a bold, fiery appearance. This variant is particularly popular among players who seek to stand out on their Slayer journeys and showcase their individuality in combat.


The Slayer Helm and its alternative versions are essential tools for any OSRS player engaging in the challenging and rewarding Slayer skill. Whether it’s the standard Slayer Helm, the imbued version, or the prestigious Twisted Slayer Helm, these headgear items provide combat bonuses, protection, and special attacks specifically tailored to slaying creatures. Additionally, the alternative versions offer unique appearances, allowing players to express their style and achievements in the game. With the Slayer Helm equipped, adventurers can unlock their full potential and conquer the most formidable creatures in Gielinor.

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