OSRS Recruitment Drive Quick guide

In the ever-expansive realm of Old School RuneScape (OSRS), you can delve into a world filled with quests, adventures, and clandestine organizations. One such covert group is the Order of the Temple Knights. To unlock their secrets and become a member of their prestigious ranks, you must successfully complete the “Recruitment Drive” quest. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take you through the key steps to navigate this quest and unveil the mysteries of the Temple Knights.

Preliminary Requirements

Before embarking on your quest to join the Temple Knights, make sure you meet the following prerequisites:

  1. Skills: To begin this adventure, you should have accumulated 12 Quest Points and possess the following skill levels: 18 Crafting, 30 Defence, 30 Prayer, 10 Herblore, and 10 Thieving. While these are the minimum requirements, having higher skill levels can make your quest journey smoother.
  2. Required Items: Ensure you have a vial of water, an iron chainbody, and either a bronze or iron full helmet in your inventory.
  3. Quest Prerequisite: It’s essential to have completed the “Black Knights’ Fortress” quest before attempting the “Recruitment Drive.”

Initiating the Quest

  1. Starting Point: Your journey to becoming a Temple Knight commences with a visit to Sir Amik Varze. You’ll find him at the White Knights’ Castle in Falador. You can reach Falador through various means, including using the Falador Teleport (requires level 37 Magic), or simply by traveling on foot from Varrock or Draynor Village.
  2. Your Mission: In your conversation with Sir Amik Varze, you’ll learn of treacherous traitors among the White Knights, and your mission is to uncover these spies and protect the kingdom. To get you started, he hands you a dossier containing crucial information about your mission.

Navigating the Trials

The “Recruitment Drive” quest is a series of trials that test your skills and powers of deduction. Here’s a brief overview of each trial:

  1. The Meal: You’ll interact with Squire Asrol, the cook. Your task is to correctly identify the ingredients for the meal. The answers can be found within your dossier.
  2. Initiation: Seek out Sir Tiffy Cashien in Falador Park. Engage in conversation with him and select the correct responses to his questions. Your dossier contains the answers you need.
  3. Crafting: Visit Squire Wendel in Falador Park and craft a wooden sword and a wooden shield using a knife and a log. Hand over your creations to complete this trial.
  4. Prayer: In the Falador Castle garden, offer prayers at two altars. The correct prayers to choose are detailed in your dossier.
  5. Herblore: Consult the Chemist in Rimmington. He’ll challenge you to identify and mix a particular potion. Reference your dossier to navigate this task.
  6. Thieving: For the final trial, explore the Falador library basement and practice your pickpocketing skills. You’ll need to select the right book to pilfer, and your dossier will be your guide.

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Quest Completion and Rewards

Upon successfully navigating all the trials, return to Sir Amik Varze and report your findings and actions. You’ll then receive your official initiation into the Order of the Temple Knights. Your efforts will be rewarded with the following:

  1. Quest Points: You’ll gain 1 additional Quest Point.
  2. Access to White Knight Armory: You’ll be able to purchase distinctive white armor and weapons from Sir Vyvin, located on the 1st floor of the White Knights’ Castle.
  3. Temple Knight Initiate Armor: As a newly initiated Temple Knight, you’ll have the opportunity to acquire a unique set of armor. This armor can be purchased from Sir Tiffy Cashien or Lady Table.
  4. Unlocking Further Adventures: Completing the “Recruitment Drive” unlocks access to subsequent Temple Knight quests, such as “Wanted!” and “Slug Menace,” which take you further into the intriguing world of the Temple Knights.


Recruitment Drive” is not merely a quest in OSRS; it’s a gateway to the secretive world of the Temple Knights. With this guide as your companion, you can efficiently complete the quest and reap the rewards of unique armor, access to additional quests, and a deeper understanding of the rich lore that OSRS has to offer. As you embark on your journey to become a Temple Knight, may your adventures in the land of Gielinor continue to captivate and inspire!

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