Guide to Using an OSRS Magic XP Calculator

An OSRS Magic XP Calculator is a tool that allows players to estimate the number of experience points (XP) required to reach a certain magic level in Old School RuneScape (OSRS).

Using a magic XP calculator can help players plan their training and set realistic goals for their magic skills.

How to use a magic XP calculator

  • To use a magic XP calculator, players will need to know their current magic level and the desired level they wish to reach.
  • Players can then enter this information into the calculator to get an estimate of the XP required to reach the desired level.
  • Some calculators also allow players to enter their total XP and calculate the corresponding magic level.

Where to find a magic XP calculator

Tips for using a magic XP calculator

  • Keep in mind that XP estimates from a calculator are only approximate, and actual XP requirements may vary depending on factors such as players’ equipment, bonuses, and combat methods.
  • Some calculators show the XP needs to reach the next level and not the full level, keep that in mind when planning your training.
  • Use the calculator regularly to track your progress and adjust your training plan as needed.


An OSRS Magic XP Calculator is a useful tool for players looking to train their magic skills in OSRS. By using a calculator to estimate XP requirements and track progress, players can plan their training more effectively and reach their desired magic level more efficiently.

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