OSRS Fishing Guide

Old School RuneScape, affectionately referred to as OSRS, is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) loved by millions worldwide. Among its numerous skill sets, fishing stands out as a crucial one. But why is that?

In the game’s immersive medieval world, fishing serves as a principal way of sourcing food. This food helps restore health points, crucial during combats. Now, are you beginning to see why this skill is important?

Why is Fishing Important in OSRS?

Fishing enables players to heal during combat, trade for gold, and level up their cooking skills. Moreover, it’s a peaceful, serene skill to grind, offering a respite from the game’s intense battles. Doesn’t that sound like a beneficial trade-off?

The Basics of Fishing in OSRS

Before we start catching lobsters and sharks, let’s cover the basics. Ever wondered what you’ll need for fishing?

Required Tools for Fishing

You will need various fishing equipment like nets, rods, and harpoons, available at fishing shops. By the way, did you know that different types of fishing spots require different tools?

Types of Fishing Spots

That’s right! From netting at the sea to harpooning at a dock, each spot requires a unique approach. It’s like the difference between going to a lake or the ocean in real life.

Level-by-Level Fishing Guide

Are you ready to dive deep into the world of fishing? Let’s start from scratch and learn how to fish like a pro.

Level 1-20: Shrimps and Anchovies

The journey begins with small steps. With a net in your hand, start catching shrimps and anchovies. Doesn’t this remind you of a rookie fisherman’s first trip?

Level 20-40: Trout and Salmon

Next, using a fly-fishing rod and feathers, you can catch trout and salmon. It’s like upgrading your fishing gear and moving to larger rivers.

Level 40-62: Lobsters

By now, you should be comfortable with fishing. Time to get some lobsters! Who doesn’t love a hearty lobster dinner?

Level 62-76: Monkfish

Post level 62, Monkfish become your new target. A bit like going for bigger catches once you’ve mastered the basics, right?

Level 76-99: Sharks and Dark Crabs

Finally, the big leagues. Sharks and dark crabs are the final hurdle in your journey. At this point, you’re pretty much the master angler of the OSRS universe!

Profitable Fishing Methods

Fishing isn’t just about food and fun; it’s also a great way to earn some gold. Want to know how to make a hefty profit?

Making Money with Fishing

High-level catches like sharks and anglerfish can fetch a high price on the Grand Exchange. Isn’t it incredible that you can make money from a relaxing activity?

Tuna and Swordfish

Tuna and swordfish are also great moneymakers. Imagine a prosperous fish market selling these big fish!

Barbed-Tail Harpoons and Anglerfish

For high-level players, anglerfish and barbed-tail harpoons offer significant profits. The market for these is akin to selling rare, exotic fish, don’t you think?

Concluding Thoughts on OSRS Fishing

Fishing in OSRS is an art that combines strategy, patience, and a dash of luck. Whether you’re fishing for survival, money, or tranquility, it’s an exciting skill to master in the game.

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