OSRS F2P Cooking Guide

Cooking is a versatile and essential skill in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) that allows players to transform raw ingredients into a variety of dishes. Even as a Free-to-Play (F2P) player, you can embark on a culinary journey in the world of Gielinor. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the foundations of F2P cooking, from gathering ingredients to useful recipes, and even money-making opportunities.

Starting Your Culinary Journey

Before you become a culinary expert in OSRS, it’s important to grasp the fundamental aspects of cooking as an F2P player.

Gathering Ingredients

  1. Raw Ingredients: At the heart of cooking are the raw ingredients you’ll need. As an F2P player, you can source these ingredients by engaging in activities like fishing or hunting. Common F2P ingredients include shrimp, sardines, trout, and chicken.
  2. Cooking Locations: Conveniently located in various towns across Gielinor, cooking ranges and stoves are where your culinary journey begins. Notable locations for F2P players include Lumbridge, Al Kharid, and Varrock.
  3. Cooking Equipment: One of the beauties of F2P cooking in OSRS is its simplicity. You only need raw food and a source of heat, such as a range or fire. No additional equipment is required to start your culinary adventures.

Cooking Raw Food

  1. The Process: Cooking in OSRS is as straightforward as using your raw ingredients on a range or fire to cook them. The higher your Cooking level, the less likely you are to burn your food.
  2. Experience Points (XP): With each successful cooking attempt, you earn Cooking XP. The amount of XP varies based on the type of food you cook. It’s worth noting that even burning food provides some XP.
  3. Burning Food: At lower Cooking levels, it’s common to experience more frequent instances of burnt food. However, as your Cooking level increases, the likelihood of burning food decreases, leading to more successful cooks.

Useful F2P Cooking Recipes

As an F2P player, you have a range of recipes at your disposal. Here are some of the most useful recipes to consider:

  1. Sardines and Herring: Perfect for novice cooks, these dishes only require level 1 Cooking and provide a reliable source of low-level food.
  2. Trout and Salmon: At level 15 Cooking, you can advance to cooking trout and salmon. These fish offer better healing compared to sardines and herring.
  3. Tuna and Swordfish: Once you reach level 30 Cooking, you can prepare tuna and swordfish. These dishes offer even better healing properties and are especially useful for combat situations.
  4. Lobster: Requiring level 40 Cooking to cook, lobsters are a popular choice among F2P players, offering substantial healing.
  5. Swordfish and Shark: Swordfish (level 45 Cooking) and sharks (level 80 Cooking) are some of the best F2P healing foods available.

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Training Methods

To advance your Cooking skill as an F2P OSRS player, consider the following training methods:

  1. Fish Cooking: Cooking fish, such as shrimp, sardines, trout, and salmon, is a common and practical method to train your Cooking skill while also obtaining food for your adventures.
  2. Wine of Zamorak: At level 65 Cooking, you unlock the ability to cook grapes into Wine of Zamorak. These wines are highly sought after for Prayer training and can be a profitable endeavor for F2P players.

Money-Making with Cooking

Cooking not only provides sustenance but also offers money-making opportunities for F2P players:

  1. Cooking Fish: Cooking fish can be a profitable venture, as many players prefer to buy cooked fish rather than raw fish. This presents an opportunity for you to earn money in F2P OSRS.
  2. Wine of Zamorak: As mentioned earlier, cooking Wine of Zamorak is a profitable endeavor. It can provide a reliable source of income, making it an attractive option for F2P players.


Cooking in OSRS, even as an F2P player, is a versatile skill that offers both sustenance and profit. Whether you aim to create delicious dishes for sustenance or seek to amass wealth by selling your culinary creations, cooking in F2P OSRS is a rewarding experience. Armed with this knowledge of F2P cooking, you can start your journey to becoming a renowned chef in Gielinor. So don your apron and embark on a flavorful journey through the realm of OSRS cooking. Happy cooking!

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