How to Imbue Slayer Helm

The Slayer Helmet (i) is a game-changer in OSRS, providing a significant boost to Slayer tasks. With a 16.67% melee attack boost and additional perks against your current Slayer task, it’s a sought-after piece of equipment.

Getting Started: “Malevolent Masquerade”

To embark on the journey to acquire the Slayer Helm, your first step is unlocking the “Malevolent Masquerade” ability. Head to the Slayer Rewards shop and spend 400 Slayer Reward points. Grind through Slayer tasks, skipping the ones you find undesirable, to accumulate these points.

Navigating the Rewards Shop

Access the Slayer Rewards shop from any Slayer Master. Right-click on them and select “rewards.” For an extra boost in points, consider Konar Boosting. Take tasks from your preferred master and switch to Konar for the 10th, 50th, 100th, 250th, or 1000th task to maximize your Reward points.

Acquiring Components: Earmuffs, Facemask, Nose Peg, and More

Once you’ve secured the “Malevolent Masquerade” upgrade, the next step is gathering the materials for the Slayer Helm. Obtain earmuffs, facemask, nose peg, spiny helmet, enchanted gem, and a black mask. Most of these can be directly purchased from Slayer Masters, but the black mask is a special case.

The Black Mask Hunt

The black mask is dropped by Cave Horrors in the Mos Le’Harmless Cave, with a rate of 1 in 512. To access this cave, you need a Slayer level of at least 58 and must complete the “Cabin Fever” quest. Keep in mind that Cave Horrors have a unique property they always deal 10% of your Hitpoints level in damage. Protect from Melee Prayer or a witchwood icon can counter this.

Alternatively, you can buy a black mask from the Grand Exchange, bypassing Slayer level and quest requirements.

Crafting the Helm: Bring Out Your Inner Craftsman

With all the components in hand, it’s time to craft the Slayer Helm. Ensure you have a Crafting level of at least 55. If you fall short, boost your Crafting level using a mushroom pie or spicy stew. Combine the required items in your inventory to create the Slayer Helm, instantly granting all the benefits of its components.

Imbuing for Extra Power

Take your Slayer Helm to the next level by imbuing it. You can achieve this through Nightmare Zone points, Soul Wars Zeal Tokens, or a Scroll of Imbuing from the Emir’s Arena. Nightmare Zone is a popular choice, requiring 1,250,000 points. If you imbue using Nightmare Zone or Zeal tokens and later disassemble, you’ll get back a black mask. Imbuing with a scroll returns a black mask (i).

Cosmetic Upgrades: Style Points

For those seeking a bit of flair, consider cosmetic upgrades. Trophy heads from various formidable foes can be combined with your Slayer Helm for a unique appearance. For 1,000 Slayer Reward points per item, mix in heads from the likes of the Kalphite Queen, Vorkath, Abyssal demon, King Black Dragon, Alchemical Hydra, Skotizo, and the Chambers of Xeric.


The journey to obtain the Slayer Helm in OSRS is a rewarding one. Grind through Slayer tasks, unlock “Malevolent Masquerade,” gather components, craft the helm, and consider imbuing and cosmetic upgrades for that extra edge

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