How to get to Rellekka OSRS

Embark on a journey through the bustling city of Rellekka, the crown jewel of the Fremennik Province in Old School RuneScape. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the myriad ways to access this thriving metropolis, offering insights for both novice and seasoned players.

Fastest Ways To Get To Rellekka in OSRS

As seasoned adventurers know, reaching Rellekka efficiently is crucial. Let’s explore the top methods to traverse the vast landscapes of Gielinor and arrive at this coveted destination.

Method 1: Walking from Seers’ Village

For newcomers and low-level players, the traditional route from Seers’ Village serves as a reliable entry point. Though not the swiftest, it requires zero prerequisites, making it ideal for those just starting their journey.

Method 2: Moonclan Teleport

Delve into the intriguing Lunar Diplomacy quest to unlock the Moonclan teleport. Exploit the islanders’ hospitality glitch, swiftly finding yourself expelled to Rellekka. Elite Fremennik Diary completers enjoy an even smoother experience.

Method 3: Waterbirth Teleport

Harness the power of lunar magic once more by teleporting to Waterbirth Island and navigating back to Rellekka via boat. This method provides a scenic route for those attuned to magical prowess.

Method 4: Fremennik Sea Boots (Recommended)

Complete the easy tier of the Fremennik Achievement Diary to acquire the coveted Fremennik sea boots. Revel in a daily teleportation directly to Rellekka’s heart, unlocking opportunities for lucrative monster encounters.

Method 5: Teleport to House

For those with a knack for construction, strategically placing a Player Owned House near Rellekka offers convenience. Teleporting to your abode and stepping south places you within arm’s reach of the city’s gates.

Method 6: Enchanted Lyre (Recommended)

Uncover the hidden potential of the Enchanted Lyre, a relic often forgotten after “The Fremennik Trials.” With minimal cost, charge the lyre at Fossegrimen’s altar, teleporting effortlessly to Rellekka’s entrance.

Extra Tips & Tricks

Enhance your journey with these invaluable tips:

  • When using the “Teleport to House” spell, opt to teleport outside the portal for a quicker route to Rellekka.
  • Utilize a Scroll of Redirection to relocate your house portal, offering flexibility without compromising on convenience.
  • Grant your Enchanted Lyre unlimited charges by offering Fossegrimen a substantial sum of fish, tailoring its capabilities to your needs.


Embarking on the road to Rellekka opens up a world of possibilities for RuneScape enthusiasts. Whether you prefer the scenic Moonclan route or the swift teleportation granted by Fremennik sea boots, each method has its unique charm. Tailor your journey to your playstyle and embrace the adventures that await in this Fremennik haven.

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