How to Get Osrs Ecto Tokens

Old School RuneScape (OSRS) is an enchanting world full of quests, challenges, and unique items. Among these items, Ecto Tokens stand out as a special form of currency primarily used in the mysterious Morytania region. These tokens have diverse applications, including acquiring items, accessing the Ectofuntus prayer altar, and advancing in quests. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the various methods and strategies for obtaining Ecto Tokens in OSRS.

Understanding Ecto Tokens

Ecto Tokens are distinctive tokens that hold significant value in the world of OSRS. They can be obtained by participating in religious ceremonies at the Ectofuntus, an intriguing prayer altar situated within the Morytania region. Ecto Tokens have a multifaceted role, particularly in Morytania quests and achievements. To make the most of your OSRS journey in this dark and enigmatic land, accumulating a substantial number of Ecto Tokens is essential.

Methods for Acquiring Ecto Tokens

Ectofuntus Worship:

The primary and most straightforward method to acquire Ecto Tokens is by engaging in religious ceremonies at the Ectofuntus prayer altar. Follow these steps to obtain Ecto Tokens through this method:

Gather Resources: To perform worship at the Ectofuntus, you’ll need two crucial resources – Bonemeal and Buckets of Slime. Bonemeal can be obtained by grinding bones using the Bone Grinder located within the Ectofuntus building.

Perform Worship: With the necessary resources in your inventory, use the Bonemeal and Buckets of slime on the Ectofuntus, one at a time. Each act of worship not only rewards you with Prayer experience but also grants you valuable Ecto Tokens.

Collect Rewards: After completing the worship, speak to one of the ghost disciples present nearby to claim your well-earned Ecto Tokens.

Morytania Diary Rewards:

Progressing through the Morytania diary tiers offers another avenue for acquiring Ecto Tokens. As you complete tasks in the Easy, Medium, Hard, and Elite diary tiers, you’ll unlock increasingly substantial amounts of Ecto Tokens as part of your rewards. This provides a compelling incentive to work your way through the Morytania diaries.

Quest Rewards:

Certain quests within the Morytania region offer Ecto Tokens as part of their rewards. Notably, the “Ghosts Ahoy” quest, a prerequisite for accessing the Ectofuntus, provides a significant number of Ecto Tokens upon completion.

Bones Trading:

Players can engage in bone trading with others who are training their Prayer skills. While this approach doesn’t directly yield Ecto Tokens, you can earn coins by exchanging your bones with fellow players. These coins can then be used to purchase Ecto Tokens from various sources.


Earning OSRS Ecto Tokens is pivotal to unlocking the full spectrum of adventures available within the Morytania region. Whether you aspire to complete quests, harness the power of the Ectofuntus prayer altar, or reap the rewards of Morytania diaries, understanding the methods of obtaining Ecto Tokens is essential. By following the techniques outlined in this guide, you’ll be well-equipped to amass the Ecto Tokens necessary for flourishing in the mysterious and captivating realm of OSRS. So, gather your Bonemeal and Buckets of slime, and embark on your journey to accumulate Ecto Tokens in Old School RuneScape!

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