How Many Chaos Runes for Onyx OSRS?

Old School RuneScape (OSRS) is a world of adventure, quests, and, of course, valuable items. Among these treasures, the uncut onyx holds a special place, coveted for its use in crafting powerful jewelry. However, the path to obtaining this gem involves a unique currency challenge, particularly for Ironman accounts. In this article, we’ll unravel the intricacies of the question: How many chaos runes do you need for an onyx in OSRS?

The Ironman’s Quest for Superior Gear

Ironman accounts in the game display an unyielding determination to secure the best gear upgrades. Their dedication knows no bounds, often leading them to pursue obscure methods to attain their coveted equipment.

Uncut Onyx: A Prize for All Players

The uncut onyx is not exclusive to Ironman accounts; players across the board seek it for crafting some of the best-in-slot jewelry upgrades. A favored method for Ironmen involves acquiring this precious gem from the TzHaar jewelry shop.

Navigating Currency Challenges

However, a challenge arises as the TzHaar shop doesn’t accept the standard gold pieces as currency. Players must instead obtain Tokkul, often by selling chaos runes, to procure the desired uncut onyx. Let’s delve into the logistics of selling chaos runes for Tokkul and the precise number needed to acquire an uncut onyx.

Selling Chaos Runes for Tokkul: A Currency Dilemma

In this section, we explore the intricacies of obtaining Tokkul by selling chaos runes. The standard exchange rate requires selling approximately 30,000 chaos runes to the TzHaar Rune Store for 300,000 Tokkul. However, completion of the Easy Tier Karamja Achievement Diary reduces the rune count to around 28,000.

The Art of Transaction: Purchasing the Uncut Onyx

The uncut onyx, priced at 300,000 Tokkul (or 260,000 with Karamja gloves), is available at TzHaar-Hur-Lek’s Ore and Gem Store. Ironmen frequently employ the strategy of selling chaos runes to TzHaar-Mej-Roh’s Rune Store, needing 28,889 chaos runes when adorned with Karamja gloves.

Ironman’s Challenge: Natural Acquisition in Gielinor

In Old School RuneScape, ironman accounts face the unique restriction of being unable to buy items conventionally from other players. This limitation necessitates acquiring everything organically within the Gielinor world.

The Versatility of Onyx: Crafting Elite Jewelry

Onyx gems play a pivotal role in crafting top-tier jewelry, including the revered Amulet of Fury, Regeneration Bracelet, and as a crucial component for Zenyte jewelry. While higher-level accounts may secure onyx drops from formidable bosses, Ironman accounts opt for the safer route—buying an uncut onyx from the Gem Store in TzHaar city.

Mol Ul Rek: The Tokkul Exchange Hub

Within Mol Ul Rek, TzHaar City, transactions occur exclusively in Tokkul, the indigenous currency. Chaos runes, a relatively economical commodity, emerge as the preferred method for Ironmen to amass Tokkul swiftly.

Optimizing Chaos Rune Transactions

To achieve the desired 300,000 Tokkul, players execute a straightforward method: selling approximately 1,000 chaos runes to the Rune Store, hopping worlds, and repeating until the target is reached. Constant world hopping prevents overstocking in stores, ensuring optimal value for the chaos runes. The process becomes even more efficient with the completion of the Easy Tier Karamja Achievement Diary, offering discounted prices and increased Tokkul returns.

Sealing the Deal: Obtaining Your Uncut Onyx

Once armed with 300,000 Tokkul, players can march confidently to the Gem Store and claim their prized possession an uncut onyx.


In the intricate world of Old School RuneScape, obtaining an uncut onyx is not just a transaction; it’s a strategic dance with currency and dedication. Ironmen showcase their resilience by navigating the challenges, making each chaos rune count toward their ultimate goal.

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