How Do You Get Tiara Osrs?

The Tiara Osrs is a headpiece that can be worn in Old School Runescape (OSRS) to give players a small boost to their magic and prayer stats. In this article, we will discuss the different ways to obtain a tiara in OSRS.

Obtaining a Tiara through Crafting

One of the easiest ways to obtain a tiara in OSRS is through crafting. Players can craft a tiara by using a silver bar on a furnace, along with the necessary talisman or tiara mold. The talisman or tiara mould is obtained by completing a quest or purchasing it from other players.

To craft a tiara, players will need to have a crafting level of 23 and will receive 42.5 experience points for each tiara crafted.

Obtaining a Tiara through Thieving

Another way to obtain a tiara in OSRS is through thieving. Players can pickpocket Master Farmers to obtain a tiara. The Master Farmers can be found in the Farming Guild or in Draynor Village.

The thieving level required to pickpocket Master Farmers is 38, and players will receive 80 experience points for each tiara obtained through thieving.

Obtaining a Tiara through the Grand Exchange

The Grand Exchange is a marketplace where players can buy and sell items with other players. Tiaras can be purchased from the Grand Exchange for around 3,000 coins. The price of a tiara may vary depending on the current market conditions.

Obtaining a Tiara through Quests

There are several quests in OSRS that reward players with a tiara as a quest reward. Some examples include:

  • The Lost Tribe: This quest rewards players with an air tiara.
  • Priest in Peril: This quest rewards players with a mind tiara.
  • Lunar Diplomacy: This quest rewards players with a lunar tiara.

Players should be aware that some of these quests can be difficult to complete and may require a certain level in certain skills.


Tiaras can be obtained in Old School Runescape through crafting, thieving, the Grand Exchange, or as a quest reward. Each method has its own requirements, and the experience and coin reward also varies. Players can choose which method suits them best depending on their level, skills, and available resources.

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