Druidic Ritual Quick Guide OSRS

Within the enchanting realm of Old School RuneScape (OSRS), players can unlock the secrets of herblore and access the ability to identify herbs and brew potent potions. The gateway to this mystic world lies in the “Druidic Ritual” quest. This article serves as a quick and informative guide to help players navigate the “Druidic Ritual” quest in OSRS, allowing them to embrace the powers of herblore and nature efficiently.

Unraveling the Druidic Ritual Quest

The “Druidic Ritual” quest is an entry-level quest that introduces players to the captivating domain of herblore. It diverges from the typical combat-oriented quests and instead provides a swift source of Herblore experience. This quest also serves as a prerequisite for numerous herblore-related activities and quests, making it a pivotal milestone for aspiring potion-makers.

  • Quest Requirements: None
  • Skill Requirements: None
  • Items Required: None
  • Starting Point: Taverley, just north of Falador
  • Quest Points: 4 Quest Points

Reward: Completion of the quest yields 250 Herblore experience, grants access to the Herblore skill, and provides the capacity to brew a wide range of potent potions.

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A Swift Guide to the “Druidic Ritual” Quest

  1. Commencement:
    • Initiate the quest by engaging in conversation with Kaqemeex, a druid located in Taverley, to the north of Falador.
  2. The Ritual:
    • Kaqemeex will unveil the quest’s objective: to collect specific herbs vital for the ritual. These herbs include:
      • Clean marrentill
      • Clean tarromin
      • Clean harralander
      • Clean guam
  3. Herb Collection:
    • For a streamlined quest experience, consider purchasing the clean herbs from the Grand Exchange. However, if you prefer a hands-on approach, these herbs can be gathered from various locations across Gielinor.
  4. Ritual Fulfillment:
    • With the required herbs in your possession, return to Kaqemeex in Taverley.
    • Kaqemeex will guide you to the stone altar at the center of Taverley. Employ each of the gathered herbs on the altar individually.
  5. The Rewards:
    • Upon successful completion of the ritual, you will receive 250 Herblore experience. Moreover, you will gain access to the Herblore skill, paving the way to the art of potion-making in the OSRS world.
  6. Venturing into Herblore:
    • With the “Druidic Ritual” quest behind you, the rich universe of herblore beckons. Players can now explore this arcane realm, brew a myriad of potent potions, and unlock new possibilities in their OSRS adventures.


The “Druidic Ritual” quest in Old School RuneScape is a foundational step for any player seeking to embark on the mesmerizing journey of herblore. This quick guide, once followed, will expedite your quest’s completion, unlocking access to the Herblore skill and opening doors to the enchanting world of potion-making and herblore-related endeavors within the game. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned adventurer, the “Druidic Ritual” quest marks a pivotal moment on your odyssey toward mastering the mystical forces of nature in the realm of Gielinor.

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