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Old School RuneScape (OSRS) offers players a dynamic and enchanting world filled with adventures, challenges, and opportunities for character development. Among the various skills available, Magic stands out as a versatile and potent asset. To truly harness the potential of your magical abilities, you must equip yourself with the right tools, and the Air Battlestaff is a coveted item that stands out in the realm of OSRS. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the Air Battlestaff, covering its acquisition, utility, unique attributes, and how it can enhance your OSRS experience.

Obtaining the Air Battlestaff

The Air Battlestaff is a mystical staff that unlocks a range of elemental spells, making it a favorite choice for OSRS mages. To acquire this coveted item, players have several options at their disposal:

  1. Crafting: The most conventional method is to craft the Air Battlestaff yourself. This process involves combining a Battlestaff, which can be obtained through Slayer monsters or purchased, with an Air Orb. To complete this fusion, players must visit a specific crafting location, usually found in Edgeville Dungeon. Crafting the Air Battlestaff in this manner necessitates a Crafting skill level of 66.
  2. Purchasing from Other Players: Alternatively, if crafting is not your preference, you can acquire the Air Battlestaff from other players within the game. The Grand Exchange or in-game trading platforms are excellent venues to explore when seeking to purchase this staff.

The Magic of the Air Battlestaff

The Air Battlestaff bestows numerous advantages upon mages, making it a highly valuable addition to any caster’s inventory:

  1. Infinite Air Runes: The most significant boon offered by the Air Battlestaff is the infinite supply of air runes while it is equipped. This means you can cast air spells without ever worrying about depleting your rune stock. This invaluable feature simplifies magic training, quest completion, and various in-game activities that require air spells.
  2. Strong Melee Defensive Stats: In addition to its magical attributes, the Air Battlestaff provides relatively robust defensive statistics against melee attacks. This becomes especially useful when confronted with combat scenarios involving melee adversaries.
  3. Versatility with Elemental Spells: The Air Battlestaff is not limited to air spells; it can also be used with other elemental spells by combining it with specific elemental runes. For instance, the staff can be paired with fire runes to cast fire spells. This flexibility renders the Air Battlestaff a versatile tool suitable for diverse magical situations.
  4. High Alchemy Value: The Air Battlestaff boasts a commendable alchemy value, making it a lucrative item to high alchemy for coins. This presents an excellent opportunity to recoup your investment should you decide to sell it.

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Common Applications of the Air Battlestaff

Now that you possess an Air Battlestaff, how can you optimize its utility in OSRS? Here are some common applications:

  1. Magic Skill Training: The Air Battlestaff’s infinite air runes make it the ideal choice for training your magic skill. Spells such as Wind Strike and Air Bolt are both affordable and efficient for leveling up your magic proficiency.
  2. Quest Completion: Numerous quests in OSRS necessitate the use of air spells, and the Air Battlestaff ensures you have an abundant supply of the required runes. It proves invaluable for completing quests promptly and efficiently.
  3. Combat Advantage: The staff’s impressive defensive statistics can turn the tide in combat situations, particularly when confronting adversaries who alternate between melee and magic attacks. It strikes a desirable balance between offense and defense.
  4. Profit Generation: The Air Battlestaff’s high alchemy value positions it as a viable item for generating income through high alchemy. Many players acquire it in bulk for the purpose of alchemizing it and generating a profit.


The Air Battlestaff is a highly sought-after and adaptable item in Old School RuneScape. With its unique ability to provide an endless supply of air runes, robust defensive attributes, and compatibility with various elemental spells, it is an indispensable asset for any mage or adventurer. Whether you are engaged in training your magic skills, embarking on quests, or facing combat encounters, the Air Battlestaff consistently proves its worth. Armed with this formidable staff, you are well-prepared to navigate the mystical realm of OSRS and unlock the full potential of your magical abilities.

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